Progressive Lenses

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Clear vision at all distances

Are you having increasing difficulty focusing at close range? Do you experience momentarily blurred vison when transitioning between viewing distances? Then you may have presbyopia, a condition that typically affects those aged over 40. If you don’t take action to address these changes, you may become prone to eye fatigue and headaches. Hoya’s progressive lenses (also known as varifocal lenses) have various correction areas, providing clear, relaxed vision at all distances.

Seamless transitions

In recent years, Hoya has conducted extensive research into perfecting its progressive lenses. The latest developments concentrate on stable image processing, especially while you are moving around, minimal distortion, comfortable vision at all distances and seamless transition between near, intermediate and far. The various correction areas of the lens blend smoothly into each other, so your eyes move easily from one focal point to another.

Custom fit

Whatever your lifestyle and optical requirements, Hoya has a progressive lens to fit. Produced with the latest technologies, the Hoyalux iD range offers tailored vision, based on your personal wearing parameters, lifestyle activities and the chosen frame. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Find out more:

Looking for visual performance without the price tag? Hoya’s TrueForm lenses give you optimal accuracy and pixel-level precision.

Did you know?

Your progressive lenses can be customised to your exact needs.