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Advanced progressive lenses

Are you having problems focusing on near and far objects? Do you experience eyestrain and irritation? As we age so do our eyes, which means that they have to work harder to keep our vision clear. Standard progressives (also known as varifocals) can help, but the different visual fields make some wearers feel unbalanced. That’s why Hoya developed TrueForm. All advanced progressive lenses in this range are produced with TrueForm Technology to provide you with sharp, natural vision in all directions.


With TrueForm Technology, your prescription is individually calculated and produced. Every pixel on the lens surface has its own calculation value so your prescription can be uniquely cut into the lens. The result is pixel-perfect precision and outstanding visual performance. There are three TrueForm advanced progressive lenses to choose from, offering you flexibility in frame choice and budget:

  • Hoyalux Summit Pro TrueForm: Sharp, comfortable sight for all directions and distances
  • Hoyalux Summit CD TrueForm: Ideal for small, fashionable frames while guaranteeing maximum visual comfort
  • Amplitude (Mini) TrueForm: Reliable Hoya quality for those without any specific design demands


Choose TrueForm advanced progressive lenses and benefit from:

  • Optimal visual performance for your individual prescription
  • Sharp all-round vision
  • Reliable Hoya quality