Lens Materials

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Outstanding clarity and comfort

Gone are the days when spectacle wearers were limited to thick, heavy lenses and a potentially distorted appearance. Thanks to advanced production methods, Hoya’s lens materials are slim and attractive, even for stronger prescriptions, providing outstanding clarity and comfort.

Lens materials customised to you

Hoya’s lens materials are inherently strong, thin and lightweight. In combination with Hi-Vision LongLife, they are also super scratch resistant, anti-reflective, water, dirt, and dust repellent and easy to clean. All Hoya’s lens materials can be fully customised to your needs. Find the right lens material for you:

  • Eyvia 1.74: An ultra-thin lens material offering clear vision and an elegant appearance, ideal for higher plus or minus prescriptions and rimless frames
  • Eynoa 1.67: A thin, versatile lens material that provides a superior combination of clarity, comfort and style
  • Eyas 1.60: Hoya’s best-selling premium lens material; the top choice for rimless frames and perfect for lower prescriptions
  • PNX 1.53: Strong, flexible lens material that can withstand a knock or two; ideal for children and active lifestyles
  • Plastic 1.50: Hoya’s standard, budget-friendly lens material